Enter the Void.

Was I ready for it? Absolutely not.

Part of me can't believe that i managed to sit through nearly 3 hours of such sensory-overload, It was utterly overwhelming. Trapped inside a nightmare, from start to finish, it doesn't let you relax for a second.

Plot wise, it was everything i despise about modern society, exemplified. So yes, it was difficult for me to stomach, to say the least.

However, "Enter The Void" is without a doubt, the most visually stunning film I've ever seen. I appreciate that no other director has ever achieved such powerful footage. You effortlessly float through walls, fly above japan, into the clouds, into a plane, before falling back to earth. You find yourself amongst thoughts and electrons, neurons and atoms, and you can't get out. Annoying, no matter how horrible it gets, it's impossible to tear your eyes away from the screen.

You know when you shut your eyes and concentrate on the moving lines and lights you see? Or when you put pressure on your eyes so you start seeing spots? That's the best way i can think of describing the sensation of the film, only it's exemplified and much more terrifying. The description of it as a 'Psychedelic Melodrama' is putting it lightly, to say the least.

Did i enjoy it? No.

Will I watch it again? No. I hope not.

However, it is without a doubt the most powerful, emotionaly charged film I could ever imagine, therefore, i recommend it to those with strong stomachs, those who can survive the abuse of constant flashing lights, and a soundtrack sickening enough to resemble an aneurysm.

Yes, Wow.

This is the first minutes of the film, i suggest you watch it full screen, in the dark, on full volume:


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