Five Happy Things In March


  1. YELLOW appearing everywhere
  2. Beautiful happy babies artwork just for me
  3. Personalised MIA BROOCH David got me for my birthday! From gorgeous Vannucchi designs
  4. First iced coffee of 2017 enjoyed on the first alfresco lunch break
  5. Finally seeing my childhood favourite hit the big screen again, utterly gorgeous!

Welsh Weekender

Hello and a happy springtime to my readers! Can it really be true, are we out of the winter darkness at last? March is my favourite time of the year (maybe because of my birthday being on the 17th....the big 28 *squeeeeeal!*) for the spring flowers popping up, the hope of longer days and the inspiration to blow those winter cobwebs away!

I have just returned from a lovely weekend in Cardiff, with a visit to Ogmore beach and castle. Happily on this trip we avoided any rain, which made the dog walking all the more enjoyable. Our friends have a Shiba Inu puppy which who I was very over excited to meet, she such a good little girl! This was her first trip to the beach and she really enjoyed all the new smells and textures - wasn't too sure about clambering over the rocks (neither was I, hence I lagged behind taking pictures!) so she did need a pick-up at certain points, cutie!

 So the foodie scene in Wales is pretty mega. I mean, check out that welsh breakfast! Good job we did a lot of walking! We went to a Korean restaurant in the evening which had tabletop BBQ's - a completely new experience for me! So many tasty side dishes too, I loved the pickled seaweed and the kimchi pancake the best! Yum! The beautiful Easter eggs are from my favourite shop in Cardiff, Wally's Delicatessen - love the mix of traditional styles alongside dinosaurs, got all important bases covered! So many delicious food and drink items to buy at Wally's, make sure you drop in if you're in the neighbourhood!

We had a lovely weekend, hope you also got outside in the fresh air and had all the good foods too!

Thanks for reading,


Five Happy Things In February

  1. Finding proper signs of spring whilst out dog walking, such as these beautiful wild crocus
  2. Lots of snuggle time with the little werewolf 
  3. Valentines hotdog night with Katy and Oscar, who made me this fab card too!
  4. Brunch and a great catch up with one of my oldest friends
  5. Rediscovering the super power of yummy matcha tea!