Spring Has Sprung!

It's been so lovely to be back out pottering in the garden this week, even if I've still needed to wrap up warm, we're getting there! I am always so happy to see the spring flowers popping up in the garden, happily the bulbs I put in years ago have spread and made a much more impressive display, with zero effort! But the garden around the Shepherds hut needs some work - the varieties of willow have thrived in the soggy soil over the winter but the flowers have proved tricker to maintain. I need to go back to the drawing board on the design and planting, any recommendations for soggy clay soil are very welcome! Meanwhile there's a plethora of jobs to get cracking on in the garden, painting sheds and fences, waxing the shepherds hut inside, so roll on Easter weekend and more good weather! What are your projects this spring?

Thanks for reading, hope it's another sunny week for us all!



Porcelina said...

Some lovely Spring flowers there! Our garden is a bit neglected, am hoping to get in there over the weekend as it's supposed to be sunny for the whole weekend, and warm - EVEN IN WALES!!!

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Unknown said...

Very nice...lovely Spring flowers.