Welcome 2011!

Okay, so it's a little bit late, but I haven't had my laptop on me for a while, as i actually managed to get a few days holiday! Horrah!


I had a really fantastic 2010, fingers crossed for 2011...

A few of the highlights from 2010 included:
Finally graduating with a mark I wouldn't have dreamed possible when i first started university...
Having a great third year in general - Bruce having another wonderful set of house mates meant dissertation time was still a blast!
Everyone coming together for our end of year show, and then taking part in the Photography show at The Old Truman Brewery...
The January snow that did it's usual job of crippling England, but allowing me to build the best Snowman/Snow Dog ever (and preventing me from running away from dissertation!)...
Beginning working at Diemar/Noble photography, which has provided me with a great first insight into the gallery and art market environment...
Spending a lovely few days with Marjolaine Ryley in Newcastle helping with her "Growing Up in the New Age" project...
Having a brilliant 21st Birthday, and receiving my first ever sewing machine...
FINALLY seeing The Libertines live, something I had nearly given up on ever experiencing (I forgive you guys!)...
The Darkroom Crew taking on the Brighton Photo Festival in the pouring rain and howling wind (and sheltering in Harry Ramsdens for nearly 3 hours)...
Having a wonderful summer holiday with my family (our first one together in quite a few years!) and producing "Middlemist" - proof to myself I can make work outside of Uni
Great dinner parties with Helens wonderful roast dinner skills! And drinking Champagne out of coconuts!
And of course, mine and Bruce's second year together...Bruce has had a really great end to the year, with a feature in 1000 words magazine and being nominated for Terry O'Neal, he's doing rather well! Him being back in in Kent has provided us with some great English countryside (or seaside) to wander, Jock the dog to look after, and generally, just being able to relax in a room bigger than a shoebox! (I do miss his little student houses terribly though!) Ahhh memories!

It really was the first year in quite a while where I haven't felt constantly worried...still pretty worried most of the time, but i definitely felt more at ease with things...apart from a few weeks ago when i wanted to re-enact some Carrie-style anger in the middle of The 'Bucks after too much Christmas rudeness...but that's just understandable!

NOW, the plan for 2011,

-Try to continue being creative, whether I know the direction I'm heading or not. Just keep at it!
-Reuse-Make-Recycle, and keep away from high streets. I will try to be as thrifty as possible, and try to continue learning new crafts, keep practising my knitting and crochet skills, so i can knit everyone nice Christmas presents for next year ;)
-Keep reading. Devour every interesting history book i can get my hands on, particularly, learn a greater knowledge of British History (to compensate for the fact I probably won't be able to afford a post-graduate degree. Ever.)
-Most importantly, try to find a interesting job within my chosen fields which will allow me to do all these things!! (and to keep any negative experiences i have whilst still under the title of 'Barista', to use as creative output one day! You have been warned.)

Oh no wait!

MOST most importantly,

Just. Be. Happy.

Wise words my best friend once told me!

Simple, but necessary. :)

Thanks for reading! I hope to get back to more interesting (and less self-indulgent) blogging ASAP! I have 5 photo's left on my camera to shoot, then i may actually have something to show!!


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