Godalming Elephant

One of my earliest memories.

I must have been about 2 years old (in 1991), sat in a pushchair in Godalming. On the green was a circus, and in the field next door (as well as the horses) was this beautiful elephant. It didn't come too near, but I was utterly fascinated by this enormous creature. I still remember how slow it walked and pulled up grass, and how surprisingly quiet he was.

Well done Dad for taking these pictures, they prove I wasn't day dreaming!

I imagine that the new film "Water for Elephants" will be bringing circus's and animal treatment into the spotlight, and also of course, the recent cause of Anne - the last circus elephant in England who has now been re homed to Longleat safari park. I have always thought that keeping animals for entertainment is wrong, but there was just something about this elephant chomping the grass in a Surrey field that just felt, well...nice! If i saw this now, I would probably feel differently.

Hope you find this little memory of mine enjoyable.


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