Grow your own!

I just brought the fantastic "Harvest" by Meredith Kirton, a beautifully designed book which would inspire ANYONE to get into growing your own! She is actually from Australia so options such as mango's and lychees are definitely not an option, but there is plenty more to enjoy! Her equally beautiful blog can be found here. On our plot currently, we've been enjoying blackberries, deformed (but tasty!) potatoes and the remaining load of courgettes - which have found themselves in healthy muffins this week -i'm currently reaching 6 days of eating NO junk what so having nice books to read is great inspiration/distraction!)

Here are some recent photographs from my Grandad's garden, there is plenty to be looking after here, let alone the 31 varieties growing at the allotment!!

Here's a recent haul of good scrummy fruit&veg...look out for those mutant potatoes!

Hope you're all having a good week!


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