Hello 2012!

The first blog post of the year is always a tricky one, so i thought a photo left over from a late 2011 roll of film would do nicely! Me&Claire enjoy a stroll along the river after a cheeky vino in The Swan Pub, you can see from this why they chose such a name!

Now for the reminiscing,

I enjoyed 2011 in many ways...I delved into more making and baking than ever before, had a fantastic seaside holiday with my favourite ones (and Mollie saw the sea for the first time!), spent many a lovely Sunday cooking with my best friend - including our spectacular Autumn Tea Party- and took many more woodland walks with Bruce. We all caught Royal Wedding fever and indulged in too much bunting and G&T's (if there is such a thing) and once autumn came, the usual "Pumpkin Carve Off" triumphed!

The Aldershot project (which does have a name, but keeping that under wraps for now) continued with more finds, and I continued collecting my "English Garden" images which I hope to turn into something more than just an online project this year! I began volunteering at Farnham Museum, and worked my way up into helping digitalise their collection, which has been brilliant!

The allotment kept producing well, and Me&Bruce attending (and helped judge) a HAHA allotment show in a Tunbridge Wells church, where we discovered lettuce and stain glass are a great combination! I walked around my very first experience of a Grotto, and had a very Merry Christmas indeed, where i cooked the meal for the first time!

On your marks, get set..... BAKE!!

I also got my sewing machine running for the first time and invested in a typewriter! I have FIRMLY stuck to my promise of buying secondhand or handmade items when possible, and I am opening my own Etsy store very soon.

And I must admit, I think i've done pretty good on the blogging front too, i've kept to at least every 2 weeks, which is a great improvement!

I'm making sure that 2012 is going to be a busy year, as i've decided it's time to get learning again. Despite deciding against an MA for now, I feel there is plenty for me to be cracking on with! Driving lessons are booked - a chore i've been putting off for years - and myself and Claire are investigating short courses in various crafts....I am also considering discarding obvious career choice and instead just pursuing what would make me happiest...watch this space!

Hope you are all enjoying '12 so far, go steady on those resolutions!


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