In an English Country Garden - Vintage photographs

My collections of vintage photographs fall under only a few themes, one of which being "Garden Portraits". Here are some new favourites that i picked up at The Pantiles 40s Fair, and also Spitalfields Market recently. It can be quite overwhelming (in an exciting way) to find a box filled with mixed photographs to rummage through, hence why I only allow myself certain topics, or I'd be utterly surrounded with them! I hope you enjoy seeing these recent finds. If you too are a fan of the vintage photo, what subjects do you tend to look out for? I'd love to know!



Kate O said...

I seriously love old photos with dogs in them!!

Katie B said...

I must admit Kate...i am building a whole collection of Cute Canines too! I will make that my next vintage-photo post! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Kit and Kaboodle said...

Another Kate here. I'm fascinated by the Edwardians, and also have a great interest in the First World War, so I'm always drawn to photos from that era.

Your photos are fab!

Katie B said...

Fantastic to have another Kate here! That sounds like all my favourite things too! I particularly like the studio portraits with painted backdrops from the early 1900s - end of the First World War, they have a certain magic, but also, sadness. I always feel very lucky to find a new one to add! I just need the space for all these wonderful things!

Thanks for your comment!

LandGirl1980 said...

I cannot fathom why I have not thought of this before - TOPICS!! What's wrong with me? No wonder I have endless photos of people I don't know! Right.. from now topics are "garden" and "beach".

Love the 3rd one down of the lady in the hat :)

Katie B said...

I'm glad this post has sparked a new habit with found-photogaphs! Because my photography (at Uni anyway!) revolved around gardens/nature, it was just a natural progression into collecting such themes. I've always put them on the blog, however, i've been trying to think of other ways to display them online, my Aldershot History website will hopefully be up before the end of the year, but i think these deserve a more prominant place too! I'll keep the thinking cap on...OH! This montsh Homes&Antiques has a great article about Postcard collections btw!


Andrew Bruce said...

Brilliant, I love the dog one!
(sorry to lower the tone)