Monthly Wish List - August

Just a quick 'Wish List' this month, although I must say, retail therapy sits very well with me at this particular moment in time!

First off, a beautiful 1968 London Museums print by Joy Simpson. Printed by Leonard Ripley&Company Ltd, this London fir was founded in the 1920s and since the 1940s have specialised in printing large lithographic posters. I particularly love the dog painting and the teapots! The last year has seen the popularity of travel posters rise, personally, I've always been a fan of vintage prints and advertising, because my Dad was into his graphic design, we've always had examples up in the loft! Nothing QUITE this fantastic though I must admit. I keep going to press "Buy It Now"....should I...shouldn't this space!

The sellers 'Doe and Hope' has a great range of antiques and curiosities, so pop along to their shop!

It's no secret I am a fan of the Art Deco side of life, my Mum&I share this passion and particularly put it into use in our dining room. For me, the more 'lively' examples catch my eye, such as this a-m-a-z-i-n-g 'Cloud' walnut display case. Absolutely mad, absolutely stunning. I have more than enough china to fill it, in fact, I would have to hold back. THIS is the reason I am learning to drive, so i can travel the length of the country to go fetch items like these and squeeze them onto the back seat! (This one lives in near yet so far!) I've seen makeup tables and mirrors in a similar style, one day I shall have the whole set, oh yes indeed!

Next up, it wouldn't be one of my Wish Lists without an old photograph or two! So first up is this very strange example of a rather frilly little girl pulling a pigs tail...well why not? 1920s I'd guess. The seller Davetheshoe's shop always has a good selection of photographs, recommended!

And to accompany, a very presentable Gent and his dog, moustaches and a pipe always a hit with me! From another good Ebay shop, Pollys Postcards and Photographs.

Sorry it's a short one this month, we'll make up for it in September!


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