Monthly Wish List - October

As I have mentioned countless times over the last few weeks, this time of year fills me with pure joy. PURE. JOY. It's sad that the garden will be growing quiet for a few months, but I'll still be cracking on with practical jobs. In the meantime, nature is just so beautiful with it's colours and gorgeous fruit and vegetables, it makes it all worthwhile! I've already brought my Halloween pumpkin...can't wait!

On this theme is my first wish list item, a set of lovable plates by Norwegian designer Figgjo Flint, which was founded in 1941. Scandinavian is currently a hot topic, Homes and Antiques ran a very interesting article last issue, therefore it's going slightly out of my price zone for now, damn! I adore the nostalgic designs and non-fussy shapes, Figgjo Flint has a particular flair with earthy natural colours and I wish I could have brought these home!

What finer way to display a collections of antique books, than in this lovely Art Nouveau owl extending-bookend! I will say this loud and proud, I LOVE OWLS! The shape is very unusual, and the detail of the foliage is a perfect touch! As much as i love them, I am getting fed up with owls everywhere on the high street, and will only buy older examples. Mum&I always keep an eye out for these portable bookends as they are so easy to fit in at home, and when you have as many books as us, they are always useful! Take a further look at this bookish owl HERE

The perfect book to go in those bookends would be this curious-spooky-beauty! Published in 1684, it looks very mysterious doesn't it? The seller describes it as: "An extremely interesting and uncommon book printed in 1684 : attributed to Nathaniel Crouch : Admirable curiosities, rarities, and wonders in England, Scotland and Ireland, or, An account of many remarkable persons and places" - YES PLEASE! I am always drawn to the "Mystic/Spiritual/Curiosity" section of old book shops, mainly because I adore the engravings in such topics, but I have NEVER come across anything this antique obviously! Perfect reading for October, something a bit spooky and well....odd!

Can't find out a blooming thing about this book online, so take a look at this listing HERE!

And I couldn't resist this next item, mainly because I love to indulge in proper vintage Halloween goodies! I guess because we don't celebrate it as widely in the UK, i don't want to feel like I'm missing out! (and I watch every ghost program that freeview can provide me excuse? Well, it's history right? Therefore, still counts as educational!)

This is such a rare and fantastic thing, a fortune tellers cup made between 1890-1910, it never amazes me how these easily-breakable items survive in such great condition! The fantastic wraparound Witch pattern looks rather contemporary, and inside, the occult symbols such as skulls, snakes and hearts are still crystal clear. To me, it's just a bit of fun (I wouldn't dare use it in case I broke it!) and if I ever found one, I'd be more than happy to give it a home at Halloween! Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble....

You can find it on Etsy HERE, take a look at the sellers other items too, lots of Gothic curio! It's all back in demand now of course, Tumblr is riddled with contemporary efforts, mainly by girls hiding behind their hair, brandishing a pentagram, a black cat and a pot plant, but y'know, call me a cynic! ;) Myself and Bruce have recently admitted we're closet wouldn't think it to look at me especially, but it's true! If it's a bit curious, a bit mysterious...I'll like it!

And finally, some non-apologetic Halloween goodies! Two fantastic embossed postcards c.1912, with beautiful vivid colours, and quite unusual scenes! I love the Owl and pumpkin border at the top, these are £50 each because they are rare and not common to find in the UK...still too expensive for me of course! Find other examples HERE

I can't promise that's all of my Halloween themed posts, I doubt I will be able to resist posting any other spooktacular examples I stumble upon!

Hope you've had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


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