Monthly Wish List - October

I agree whole heartedly.

October has flown by so far and as yet, not a scrap of knitwear has been worn around here, it's still far too mild and a part of me is definitely disappointed! I have also (so far) avoided Pumpkin Spice flavoured anything (but have been baking some tasty orchard-fruit cakes!),  and have yet to go into the attic to retrieve the box marked 'HALLOWEEN!!' so I think I have practised some control...enough control that I can delve into this months wish list guilt free! As I am almost finished decorating my new bedroom now, I have been immersed in nothing but interior goodies this month, you have been pre-warned!

When the autumn nights start drawing in, I instantly reach for the candles and hurricane lanterns to put a soft glow of homely cosiness back into things...however I think I may have found this beautiful alternative! Amy Cooper's beautiful porcelain lamps come in a variety of sizes and designs, but 'Coral' really stuck in my mind, i think it's the varying tones of light and the little nibbles around the top. This would never fail to look warm and welcoming, makes a real change from a pillar candle alternative too, and all made in England of course! In her own words:

"Organic atmospheric porcelain lighting. Inspired by the world under the sea and the world under the microscope. This lamp is slipcast and pierced when soft before being high fired and diamond polished."

Do pop over to her Etsy shop to see further examples of her work!

Coral porcelain lamp by Amy Cooper Ceramics

I have been eying this 'Girls that axe' print by Jonathan Ashworth for quite some time now, it's currently being sold on St Judes Prints website, where I could spend literally every penny I own on beautiful prints and wallpaper...I wouldn't regret it too much! I love the textures at work here, it never fails to make me want to get outside pronto!

'Jonathan's prints aim to meld the age-old sensibilities of the natural world with contemporary concerns of city life; they show the ambition of individual lives, the context of social divide as well as ‘windows’ into the pastoral and rural world, as a reminder of natural growing rhythms and cycles which are part of us and on which we depend. His imagery shows the need for urban development to respond to the needs and wellbeing of diverse ecosystems – from nightingales, ash groves and foxes, to teenagers, lovers and our respected elders.'

It wouldn't be my autumn home without an abundance of flickering candles, however these are both styles I've been wishing after this year. I found these on which I haven't actually bought from before as I've been purely Etsy, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found! What i like best about both these lanterns is you can include other decorations such as foliage/berries/pinecones around the candles - I am a mad collector of such things this time of year! The wooden bases on the first two are beautiful, but they also up the price! Never mind, that's what a 'Wish List' is for!

Cove hurricane lamp by Rowen&Wren

I stumbled across these beautiful brooches by Jo Lucksted just by chance on Etsy, and immediately fell in love - my two best things are birds and trees. Therefore.....MINE! :) I think they are utterly beautiful pieces, very different, but I also love her luggage tag labels, brilliant how they include the image that inspired the painting! She has other lovely jewellery and gifts in her Etsy shop, I suggest you take a look for special Christmas presents!! In her own words:

'Each one of my porcelain brooches has been hand cut, cleaned up then left to dry. Once they have been bisque fired I hand paint every one with a silhouette of the skyline outside my Somerset house. I add little birds flying in the sky. I then paint the surface with transparent glaze to protect the surface and make it nice and glossy. Once taken to stoneware temperatures I securely glue a brooch back to the reverse. The brooch is pinned to a specially made tag onto which I have printed a photograph of the skyline which was the original inspiration for the decoration.'

Bird and Hare brooches by Jo Lucksted

This is a bit of a cheeky mention because I am lucky enough to have Catherine Tough's wonderful knitwear stocked where I work, so I have had plenty of time to choose which design I like best - foxes won! Always love a Fox! These will look so jolly with wellingtons, really cheer up dog walking duty when It's depths of British Winter! They are gorgeous soft lambswool, not itchy in the slightest, and I also highly recommend her other ranges of gloves, cushions and knitted animals, all high quality and adorable!

Fox lambswool socks by Catherine Tough

And finally something I have actually bought...probably shouldn't have....but I had 20% off so what was I supposed to do?? Just leave it there?? ;) I do love Seasalt, I've never purchased any of the printed items, but their plain daily staples are fantastic. A good parka is always on my list, and I've had to accept the one I've been wearing for 3 years needs to go in the recycle bin...hence why I replaced it so quick! This is actually called a 'Plant Hunters Coat', and is fully waterproof and breathable but also, not as bulky as most parkas can be. I will be appreciating that warm fleecy lining very soon I'm sure!

Seasalt Plant Hunter coat in Treefern

And to finish with, just a couple of pumpkin inspirations - it would be rude not to! Hope you're enjoying the weekend, thanks for reading! Katie

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