Monthly Wish List - November

It's official, I can no longer hold back on Wintery Christmas delights...and I'm not sorry. Hope you're feeling festive! The beautiful wooden stars and snowflakes above are from my new favourite Etsy shop, Gothenburg CollectionThese stars were designed to hang in a window and be illuminated by a bulb, I can imagine they'd look very jolly and welcoming, a real change from all the paper decorations around at the moment (although, I enjoy those too!) Whilst I was in Gothenburg over Easter, I found some amazing vintage treasures, but I really need to return during the winter months and hunt out some traditional Christmas decorations like these!

This amazing chap is from Charming Creatures on Etsy, who could resist a Great Grey Owl decoration?? 'A wise old owl sat on an oak, the more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard, why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?'

A quick reminder why the Great Grey Owl is so majestic!

I stumbled across Whinberry & Antler's beautiful textiles at the Country Living Christmas Fair, where I bought the Hedgehog&Owl and Badger cushions. I loved the illustrations as soon as I saw them, but also, the choice to use the warm hessian sealed the deal for me! They are lovely cushions, filled with a duck feather pad for extra comfort! In their own words: 

"All designs are originally hand drawn and printed by myself; designer, maker  and founder of Whinberry & Antler, Jacinta Ingham. The designs are then transferred onto a silk screen ready to be hand printed onto fabric. Materials are carefully sourced from within the UK, so whether it’s the cotton produced in Yorkshire, or the relaxing Shropshire grown Lavender you can rest assured that your product has been crafted using materials of the highest quality whilst supporting British industry."

I finally got my hands on a copy of Faviken in Waterstones today (although sadly it had to stay there - no way can I afford any presents for myself for a while!). It's a extremely beautiful book, quite extraordinary recipes celebrating the modern Scandinavian philosophy of food. It's worth buying to go on the coffee table for the detailed cover and photographs alone, including stunning images of the Swedish landscape, but if you do choose to get stuck in making&baking, it hopes to show you a unique contemporary 'Farm-To-Table' approach to dining. It's not a traditional recipe book, but certainly inspirational!

And finally, to lead us into December is this beautiful antique print of 'The Mistletoe Queen' of 1897 from the Illustrated London News. Mistletoe has several cultural connotations, most commonly the tradition of kissing under a sprig at christmas, but also the Vikings believed it could raise people from the dead, and it has been used to ward off evil spirits in Ye Old England! This young lady wears it very well, don't you agree? I love the illustrated text at the beginning of the page too, this would make a lovely addition to the Christmas decorations!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading,


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