Christmas Memories

Well, after the whirlwind of Christmas, it's that time of year when no-one really knows what day it is, only the TV guide can set us straight! I had a really fantastic time this year, and was very spoilt indeed, my whole family were still unwrapping long into Boxing Day! I was in charge of the Christmas dinner, as was actually very pleased with my attempt, I highly recommend Jamie's tip of placing the turkey on a bed of clementines, very yummy indeed! We all managed to sit down and stay awake for Muppet Christmas Carol and Downton, still wearing our cracker-hats of course, it was lovely! I was back to work pretty sharpish so I thought I'd just revel in those Christmas memories for a little while longer with some Iphone photos of the day, I am usually too distracted to take any pictures but I was determined this year! As you can see, Bruce bought my my own 'Bear and the Hare', they will be included in the Christmas decorations for a long time I'm sure! Hope you enjoy this time before New Year, despite the weathers best efforts to dampen our spirits!

I'll be back blogging in 2014, as always, thanks so much for reading! 



trees and what not said...

merry christmas and have a lovely new year x x

Gillian said...

Just lovely. I like that old Christmas menu very much, although I wouldn't want to cook it! I like to record as much as possible with photos - it makes me pause and remember it more. All the best for 2014 Katie. x