Shepherds Hut in Springtime

Isn't it amazing how much better you can feel when we get to enjoy our beautiful English spring weather? I am actually pleased to wake up early this time of year so I can get going, which is quite a statement for me! Things are coming along nicely in the garden, the Camelia above had very few flowers on last year, but perhaps with more suited weather for it and a hefty feed of Richard Jacksons Flower Power  it's full of blooms! I also re-did the window boxes after a unknown bug ate all the roots.

Things are happening in the shepherds hut garden, bearing in mind this part of the garden is on very hefty wet clay soil which has never housed plants before, I was pretty impressed with what came through! As well as all the spring bulbs, the delphiniums and lupins are thriving, different alliums are springing up, and the two dogwoods I put in a few weeks ago already have leaves on. The right hand side of the garden is still very wet, so I will hold off for a little while longer, and then fill it with my Sarah Raven Pale Cut Flower seeds for quick results!

Inside I had a spring clean and re-arranged my desk to fit my new beautiful Saffron Roberts Radio, siiiiiiiiigh, I'm in love! I need to wax my desk so I don't damage it when crafting, but it's one of those jobs you really keep putting off because it's not the most enjoyable. But maybe with Radio 4 on a sunny afternoon I could bear to crack on with it! I also dusted off my typewriter (Found in a charity shop for £10) to help with my photo album crafting, I have such terrible handwriting I don't want to ruin the pages, everything looks better done on a typewriter! It fits nicely on the pie crust table.

A few purchases from an antiques fair last week, a set of Victorian photo album pages that I plan to re-establish in frames with old family photos, I had loads to choose from but I preferred the more simple, British flower designs. I look forward to using them! The map box below is jut a bit of fun, it is wooden, and houses my growing Washi tape stash perfectly. I'm getting a tad obsessed with maps, just bought a lovely 1920s map of Kew Gardens off Ebay, better find a space for that soon!

I need to find some more practical storage solutions for the hut, but it is coming along nicely, I adore sitting out there with all the windows open, listening to the garden birds chatter. Hope you're having a good week, thanks for reading!



KatGotTheCream said...

Oh how wonderful, I am very jealous of your shepherd's hut! I often dream of having a baby caravan in our garden for much the same reason. Also loving the typewriter and that Roberts radio!!!

The Tea Drinking English Rose said...

Oh wow!!!

I am super jealous too. I wish I had a garden so I could have one of these!


driftwood said...

your hut and your flowers are looking gorgeous. I keep looking at charity shops for a typewriter, one day I'll find one......

Alison said...

Hello !
I am Alison who left a comment when you posted your first comment on the Shepherds hut. But actually the comment was somehow deleted. I wrote saying how I had just acquired my own Shepherds hut last October and how excited I was to finally have it installed in its place. I loved reading your story about yours and enjoying your posts on its progress . It is looking lovely especially with all your little touches making it a very welcoming place. Have a wonderful Summer and I look forward to reading some more news. Thats if it is okay ? It still feels a little strange to be able to read about someones life when you do not know them. Thank you for an enjoyable blog .

Katie Bedlow said...

Hi Alison! Thank you so much for your kind words, I do remember your previous comment, not sure why it's disappeared, hate to think I clicked the wrong button, I always appreciate people taking time to comment!
The shepherds hut keeps changing through the seasons, I love spending time in there, I will put another post up soon! Hope you are loving spending time in yours too!

Mattie Gruber said...