A Sunny Trip to Brighton!

Hello June! How on earth are we here already? I celebrated the sudden leap towards summer by taking a trip to Brighton to see my best pal, and amazingly, we did have sunshine! First things first, we visited our favourite Boho Gelato which is only a stones throw from the beach. They do some utterly amazing flavours using local milk and cream, after much deliberation I chose the 'cream tea' which included homemade jam and crumbled scones. I am being deadly serious. It was joyful! Sorry to tease you with the following picture....I think its lavender and honey next time!

We then took a wander through our usual shopping haunts, resisting the urge to just sit in the sun and drink pimms! I love how characterful the streets in Brighton are, you rarely find one without some sort of street art or unusual signage. I thought this once was extremely classy, only just noticed the addition of the shoes! This was a great salvage shop, sadly nothing small enough to carry back on the train.

I loved the colourful plant stalls outside the florists, I wish I had a huge chilli plant such as these, they look great! We bought some lovely fresh salad to accompany the homemade burgers Claire had prepared earlier - she's such a keeper! We couldn't resist dropping into Snoopers Paradise, even though I was very restrained and didn't buy anything, a new record! I was torn over this amazing dress, I love how jolly it is, but I did worry I would just look like a complete nutter! I'm pretty tall, and big prints sadly just make me feel like I'm in fancy dress...so I had to walk away and leave it for someone braver than I, sob! We also found this hilariously hideous dog/woman ornament, who wouldn't want that on their mantelpiece eh? Timeless! (Claire doesn't look very convinced by it does she?)

The next day we packed a picnic and took a trip to Stanmer Park, mostly to distract us from any more shopping! Whilst wandering the grounds, we stumbled across this beautiful community orchard, run by the Brighton Permaculture Trust. They are working hard to reintroduce rare Sussex apple varieties , and have been recognised as a national collection. I loved walking amongst the cow parsley, away from the usual hustle and bustle I'm used too in Brighton. I look very happy to be there don't I?

We couldn't resist some posing, it was just such a calm, beautiful place! I highly suggest taking a picnic and doing some exploring of the park, lots of cute dogs to make friends with! It was a great few days and I hope to be back on that beach soon!

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Porcelina said...

Brighton, yay!! Love it. Looks like you had a lovely little adventure x