Autumn Update

October has finally brought those cold mornings and crunching leaves us Autumn-lovers have been waiting for! In Surrey there are still plenty of trees yet to turn orange so I'm sure we shall be enjoying the colours for a while yet, I do plan to do more walking and taking time to properly appreciated the changes! 

I have had a rather hectic start to the season, as we are having our kitchen and bathroom renovated simultaneously, which brings lots of early starts and a heck of a lot of dust! Being without a kitchen has been pretty stressful, but thank goodness for M&S microwave meals! I will be very pleased when it's all over, but it's looking good so far, just a few weeks to wait! The garden is now winding down for the year, the tomatoes are my only crop left (and without a kitchen, I'm leaving them on the vine to hopefully last another week or so!) and it's just tidying and organising before the weather turns! My little apple and pear tree gave me a few fruits but it wasn't a great year for either of them really, it's still very satisfying to crunch on a homegrown apple, they do truly taste better!

Despite my home resembling a building site right now I've been gathering Autumnal decoration ideas over on my Pinterest, do take a look if you aren't sick of pumpkins yet! I am loving all the Halloween theme mantles, I will be trying to put one together next week, whilst battling the dust! Hope you have a good week! Katie
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Things and Thoughts said...

You are in the autumn mood indeed with these marvellous photos and I'll certainly take a look on your Pinterest space.

KatGotTheCream said...

Gorgeous shots and that pinterest board looks lovely too. I deeply sympathise on the kitchen/bathroom front but think how nice it will be when it's all finished for Christmas! x

Candy Pop said...

Good luck with the kitchen and bathroom renovations - how exciting! Lovely autumnal shots, have a great weekend.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Some of my most favourite autumnal things.

Just beautiful,

Nina x

Happy Homebird said...

Love your autumn pictures and Pinterest board. I'm such an autumn lover, it always feels such a short season at times as now I'm in winter mode!