December Begins...

December has finally brought the cold. On waking this morning, I saw my garden had finally been visited by Jack Frost himself! The sky was perfectly blue, the sun was shining, but the ground was looking decidedly wintery indeed - I must admit I wasn't up with the lark to take these pictures, luckily it was still powdery white by mid morning! 

It's only this time of year you learn to appreciate the smaller details of nature, the textures and the graphic shapes rather than petals and bright colours. Ferns have their last hurrah before they curl back into the earth until spring, and the last rusty leaves have fallen and settled - winter could finally be here! Am I the only one who looks back at my childhood winters and swears they were much longer and a heck of a lot colder? Could be nostalgia...more likely Global Warming!

This photo of my garden shows what a frost pocket it is! The sun completely misses it until late afternoon so it keeps looking wintery for much of the day now. The Shepherds Hut is luckily kept cosy by a stove so I am currently holing myself in there making all sorts of Christmas crafts (I will blog about those soon!) I gave it a good clean this week and made sure there were plenty of snuggly blankets and thick socks for myself and any visitors that might knock on the door. 

I haven't started Christmas decorating quite yet, but I did find these wonderful star lanterns that I will gradually infiltrate into every room because I just find them so cosy and beautiful, they will stay up through the January slump too! I also treated myself to some ultra snuggly new PJ's from White Stuff, Slumberland Bear, I highly recommend snuggling up in a pair of these! 

Hope you're having a great weekend! Have you got the festive feeling yet? Am I lagging behind on the decorating front in comparison?

Thanks for reading!



Candy Pop said...

Your hut is so adorable, can I please come over for a cuppa? Lovely photos and it's great to finally see some frost.

Porcelina said...

Lovely photos!

We're not decorated yet, or 'trimmed up' as they say here, as our house is DIY chaos right now!!


Gina said...

I love your hut Katie. It looks so cosy and inviting.

Things and Thoughts said...

This is a fairy tale hut Katie!Wish I could join you there! Have fun with your Christmas preparations and thank you so much for visiting me.

Happy Homebird said...

Your garden and hut are so beautiful. Love your pictures in the frost and how sparkly everything looks. Very jealous of the hut, I'd be hiding away there :)

Gillian said...

Your hut looks so cosy, both from the outside and inside. I don't think I'd ever want to come out! x

Katie Bedlow said...

Any lovely bloggers are always welcome to pop by for a cuppa and a chat! :) I am now basicaly decorating the inside of my house in the style of the shepherds hut because it is just very very cosy!