My Easter Weekend

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."  
S.D. Gordon

The Easter Weekend absolutely whizzed past this year, not helped by the fact I was working Good Friday and the Saturday so just had the last two days off to try and cram as much chocolate, flowers and period drama box sets in as possible - but I managed! ;)

I always feel very nostalgic decorating my home for the Easter weekend (see my past blog post HERE). I had a great Easter holiday trip to Sweden a couple of years ago where I was swept up in the feather branches, Easter Witches and delicious cardamom buns that are traditions over there, and I brought back a suitcase full of antique decorations.
A tradition in our house is to put together a display of branches for our hanging ornaments, and these twisted hazel branches work brilliantly. I am not religious, so for me it's a time for celebrating spring and all the rejuvenation and promise it brings us...and the food!

I found these little antique chocolate moulds at Tweseldown Artisan Market a couple of weeks ago, they were only a few pounds but they just made me smile, particularly the standing lamb! My treasured rabbit jug is by Elisabeth Bailey and was purchased at a craft fair at Loseley Park, and I put it pride of place with a fresh bunch of daffodils - I'm sure you can tell how I love having these seasonal collections!

After receiving a new Filofax for my birthday (a blog post on that coming later on!) I have been coveting stationery, and couldn't resist these bunny related items from The Journal Shop - my new favourite website, and the lovely printable bunny pattern is from Design Is Yay. I was cooking for my family on Sunday so I customised my plan for the day, luckily the lamb and roast potatoes were a success!

I'm not going to lie to you dear readers, the truth is, I watched six straight hours of Pride and Prejudice...and don't regret a second of it! Anyone else guilty??

Meanwhile in the garden, there are more splashes of colour appearing as the Camelias and Tulips begin to bloom, and the jolly wild Primroses are still going strong. I sowed a selection of salad greens and herb seeds in my raised beds, and I know it'll soon be very busy outside in the garden again! I do have a few projects planned so I am looking forward to more fresh air and hopefully even some sunshine!

I really do love this time of year! Hope you had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend too!

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Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I absolutely love your rabbit jug! What a beautiful thing. Mind you I am rather addicted to jugs. Wonderful primroses too. This is just the best time of year.

Candy Pop said...

I love all your photos, Easter seems like such a long time ago now. I really like the branches with hanging ornaments, really lovely.

Julia Paige said...

pride and prejudice is the best!!! looks like you had a lovely easter :)