May Bank Holiday In The Bluebells

Welcome May! As a gardener this month fills me with equal joy and panic, as it's all about to get extremely busy in the garden! The soil is finally warm enough (and in my case, un-waterlogged) to get planting out all those seedlings of flowers, fruit and veggie's we've been planning! I am sticking to a reliable repertoire in the vegetable plot this year: french beans, courgettes, tumbling tomatoes, beetroot and a mixture of lettuce. Flower-wise I just want self-seeding wild varieties as I have given up the hope of structured flower borders in my heavy clay flood-risk soil!

Over the Bank Holiday Mia and I took several beautiful sunny walks in our local bluebell woods. I could never tire of such a magical time, surely one of England's extroidinary natural sights! Blue is such a rare colour in nature and the scent when the sunshine hits is so heady, to me it's the pure essence of springtime.

I managed to get spring cleaning the shepherds hut at last, only a few cobwebs and a lot of ladybirds sheltering, so it's ready for any guests! I'm dreaming of summer entertaining and many garden parties, so I better get my act in gear and get it looking beautiful!

What are your garden plans this year? Any new plants or crops you're trying out? I'd love to know!

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Candy Pop said...

I've really enjoyed the bluebells this year and I always love seeing your shepherd's hut. It's gorgeous! x