Happy Summer Snapshots

It was wonderful to enjoy some proper sunshine in July, the garden suddenly burst into bloom after all that rain and suddenly everything was looking very green and luscious! So many of my bulbs had rotted in the ground around the Shepherds Hut after such a bad spring, I am relying on wild flowers, dogwoods and shrubs to get some colour going. The vegetable patch has been absolutely ravaged by slugs and snails despite my attempts at defences, does anyone else think they get parachuted in too??? If I get some courgettes, beans and tomatoes I will be happy, the rest of my efforts have been truly munched!

I had a few days off when it was scorching to sit and enjoy such a rarity (admittedly, under protection from the parasol) but Mia really isn't a fan of the heat, so she dug herself a good little shelter in the shade and refused to walk more than ten paces. She now has a much cooler summer haircut, I even made her some doggie ice lollies (natural yogurt, banana and peanut butter) to try and keep her happy in the heat! 

Good weather called for garden parties and there were some fab gatherings with friends and family! I re-discovered that watering the garden was HOURS of fun (with a little help from Jax!) There was a hilariously brutal football match between littles ones and older ones who should know better, and plenty of BBQ food! This is what summer should be about.....and then soggy August shows up!

I hope you have been having a great summer no matter what the weather! Thanks for popping by!


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