Five Happy Things In October

  1. The beautiful autumn colours we can find on even the most mundane walk
  2. My first trip to Wales, an afternoon of good food and 'Escape The Room'
  3. Lots of autumnal woodland walks with Mia, who now enjoys paddling in the stream
  4. My Mums birthday, cappuccino cake and red velvet cupcakes galore
  5. Spending Sundays brunching and relaxing with my two favourites


Porcelina said...

Lovely photos!

roughterrain crane said...

Happy Halloween.

Candy Pop said...

Happy Halloween. I love the last shot! xx

Michael said...

That cake!! YUM! Did you make it? I'm sure your mother felt very blessed indeed!

"Escape The Room"--is that the same as an "escape room"? I'm guessing it must be.