Welcome 2017!

Hello and a very happy (belated!) new year to you! I hope it is off to a good start, I have unfortunately been laid up with a nasty flu-like virus since Christmas Day (fabulous timing!) so it's been bed rest and box sets, not all bad news! I was dying to get some fresh air so managed to stagger round the woods and admire the winter landscape, Mia was kissing the ground to get out of the house at last! These sunny but chilly days are my favourite, particularly when there's no need to de-ice the car (my least favourite domestic job after ironing, booooo!). I am hoping to get back to feeling my usual self very soon, with an army of vitamins and a rainbow or fruit and veg to the rescue, so I hope to be back with some news! 

After my Macbook decided to keel over I haven't been blogging as much in 2016 as much as I would have liked too, I find processing a blog post on an iPad very annoying, but I really want to be back chatting with you a lot more! Promise!

Thanks for reading,



Candy Pop said...

Happy new year. I hope you feel better soon. x

Porcelina said...

Happy New Year! Glad you're on the mend. I came down with lurgy on New Year's Eve but drank through it ;) Just starting to feel better now, and actually enjoyed pottering around the house staying cosy.

Looking forward to your 2017 posts xx