The Beautiful British Museum

I was very excited about spending our Sunday morning strolling through The British Museum - a nostalgic excitement, like how you would look forward to going on school outings with your rucksack full of notebooks and a packed lunch! To help wake us up properly after the previous night out in Soho, we sat bleary eyed with a coffee and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the main hall - a spot of people watching is always good fun! This regal lion watches over the visitors coming and going with a certain air of nobility, there are several more from his era scattered throughout the museum. Once I felt my brain to start engaging we were off exploring, only managing a handful of rooms from Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Roman artefacts before the hoards of tourists got too much and we retired for lunch (weekend visiting wouldn't usually be my first choice, not the most patient person in a crowd!) But I was so pleased to be back in one of my favourite places, these museums will always be filled with joy and wonder for me, I'll never tire of them. Hope to take you on a mini-tour with the pictures I took whilst walking those amazing halls! 

What's your favourite museum to visit? Uk or abroad, all suggestions welcome!

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Porcelina said...

I've never been, it's outrageous! Looks wonderful x