Easter Sunday

Today I went for my second shoot of my final project, and luckily the rain held off until I got the equipment packed away, so that was very lucky! HOPEFULLY it all went well!

Although...something slightly strange did occur...it seemed we found our very own easter bunny! He wasn't there when I was setting up the camera for the first shot, but when I turned around to get a darkslide...there he was! Poor little thing, he was still so warm I really did think he was just going to hop off again! (This is what spending so much time with Bruce does to you!)

My 10 year old cousin wasn't SO thrilled when I told her we'd found an 'Easter Bunny'...

But he was a lovely little fellow.

I'm still considering whether I want to put these Negs through the C-41 machine at Uni...a part of me really doesn't want to take the risk...particulary as it RUINED one of my last sheets.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing easter holiday!

(Both Victorian Easter cards found at the Farnham Maltings yesterday!)


abruce said...

lovely stuff..
I would have liked to see a close-up on 5x4, or maybe a portrait holding him... i think that could have been beautiful... he looks so peaceful.. sad.

Katie B said...

I agree, he would have been perfect for it! Sadly, I had to use my film wisely, I needed to get my wood shots! BUT as I said, he features in one of them! :) Hopefully they will look okay! x