Final Major Project - Conclusion and Exhibition

Finally I get a spare moment to update!

Well, I achieved a First for my Final Major, which of course, I'm absolutely delighted with. I've decided to share my feedback, as i've written about this project all year, it's interesting to see another's opinion isn't it??

"You have continued to develop accomplished abilities within your photography practice, together with high quality levels of research and self reflection. As you have mentioned, your show would have benefited from more images, perhapes just a single additional print.

The work on the walls is obscured by the reflection and the proximity of others work, however, this should not distract from the acknowledgement that the work in question is a complex and surprising piece.

You appear to have located an appropriate scale for these images. This is a significant development on the last project, and your progress has been consistently one of consistent questioning and evaluation.

Your ability to contextualise is extremely focused, and your provide articulate evidence of being aware of historical and contemporary sources for the work.

In most respects your work confirms an overall highly achieved outcome."

Final feedback is often said to be the least useful of all we have recieved...i must say, i do feel sort of a ' what's next?' questioning.

Also, bearing in mind only ONE person on Arts and Media have graduated with a First degree (in 6 years) I think the marking needs to be addressed. Despite obtaining Firsts on nearly all of my projects this year, I think I'm still just falling outside the boundary, and will be receiving a 2:1, which of course, is a brilliant degree and i'm very happy with!

HOWEVER, (and I'm just going to say it!) certain area's of the marking definitely need addressing (not just on my course, probably all of them!) as I find it ridiculous that I could have got marked down for not being able to afford non-reflective glass (nearly £200 more on top of the £500 I'd already spent!) and the fact that the gallery space wasn't really suitable. Also, considering I had made it VERY clear in my critical appraisal that if I had the money and space, I would have printed all the images at this size, but obviously this was impossible this year. This is why I provided a good quality portfolio box to accompany the big print. I would rather complete one image to a level I'm happy with, than put up 3 compromised images just to fill up more space.
I think they should be more understanding about matters like that.

HOWEVER, as i say, I'm very happy overall, I'd be stupid not to be! It's just University politics!

Here are some photographs from the week of the exhibition:

Thanks for reading, London Free Range Exhibition post coming up!!


Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

Well done Katie! You deserve the mark you got for this project. I agree with the marking system, it has to be revised. And congratulations on being the first A&M student in 6 years to get a first!! I hope I can make the second student next year. You've set a bar we should all aspire too :)