DIY Black and White Developing

Last weekend me and Bruce decided to give black and white developing a go, in his bathroom! He is lucky enough to own his own 10x8 developing tank, and so i was given the chance to use his 10x8 field camera to take a photo, my first proper photograph in months! It felt good to get my hands on a nice big camera again, it seems i haven't forgotten how to use one yet!

Bruce's photo developing went without a hitch, however, as usual, mine struck a problem when it emerged out of the tank looking less than perfect, with chemical stains all over the back of the negative! However, after a 10 minute wash under the was perfect! A lucky escape!

Here is the bathroom darkroom in progress!

And here was the finished result! (It will look so much better printed!)

I was very happy with the image, we took it with a 3second exposure, so when seen bigger, the leaves at the top of the trees are blurred by the wind, it looks beautiful! Kent has lots of lovely places to take 'tree' naturally, i'm very happy visiting there so often! :)

Black and white is becoming a very tempting idea! Definitely need to get exploring its possibility's!

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