Farnham Freedom Parade

Yesterday was the Farnham Freedom Parade, where the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment marched through the high street, to be saluted at Castle Street before continuing to Gostery Meadow where the freedom scroll was officially handed over to the Regiment by the Mayor of Waverley. The PWRR has a long history, and has been involved in practically every theatre of war since The Battle of Tangier in 1662. It is the most decorated of all British Army regiments, with 57 Victoria Crosses including the VC awarded to Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry in 2004 for his gallantry in Iraq.
There are three PWRR battalions; two regular and one Territorial. Members of all three battalions are currently serving on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It was such a great sight to see service men and women back locally, It's unusual for me to see any sort of military activity in Farnham, so I was glad I was in town at the right time! I was actually at Farnham Museum for my introductory day at the time, which was the perfect spot to step outside to cheer, as you can see, Potters Gate school also came to celebrate! I am very excitied to be starting at the museum...more news from there soon!

In the meantime, I wish this weather would decide what it's doing!! I HAD to take a picture outside my front door the other day, i've never seen a crazier rainy sky!

Hope you're all having a good week!


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