Hello all! On such a rainy Sunday I thought i'd show some nice photo's from the last month, lots of flowers and outside fun, that's how we roll!

Gramp's garden, Lupins are my favourite flower of the moment.

Pimms in Thom's garden




Thom's rock collection

Little Bear.

Our day trip to the desert (Ceasers Camp, Aldershot) 

Claire's work in the "Into Darkness" show in the vaults under Bath station.

Mollie post-haircut

May certainly looks a lot sunnier than June is turning out to be! Bring back gardens and sun soon please!

So I had my interview at Winchester this week, it went well enough but now i just have to wait to hear....sadly i got caught up in all the South West Train chaos that night and took 3 hours to get home, at least my train got stuck in a station so i could escape the train and get a g&t, my sympathies to all who were stuck on the lines! It really wasn't SWT best week!

Lastly, I'm pleased to announce I have a new volunteering venture, find out this week what! :)



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LandGirl1980 said...

Love this post - you have reminded me that there IS a summer out there - just waiting to happen!