Looking back at the allotment

It's been a year since graduation (though I don't want to believe it!) and i think it might be time for me to start looking at some of my past work again. Mostly because I am planning a massive re-vamp of the website, so want to start thinking about which work I want to feature, and how! (it's proving difficult)

I am about to start reading "Defiant Gardens - making gardens in war time" by Kenneth I. Helphand which I am hoping will help me with some new ideas! I brought it whilst assisting Henry&Bragg at RHS wisley, they have such a fantastic book shop there.

So here are a few photographs from last year I have found, I will be re-scanning negatives over the next month, see if I will find any forgotten gems! I also want to start photographing it again very soon.

I would just like to add, if anyone thinks my photo's are a tad too "Sunday Supplement" (as one particular UCA lecturer was always too glad to point out!) then I would like to say, EXCELLENT! And I am very open to weekend publication features, just let me know! ;)

Keeping on topic with lovely nature, here is a little friend I made the other day! My dog always sits on the window sill in my parents room to keep an eye out for pedestrians/dogs/cats, and she was very bewildered to see this little chap staring back at her! NO idea what type of baby bird he was (please tell me if you do!) but he made a very high pitched "PEEP PEEP" noise, and worriedly my mum dreadfully with how he was perching on the window ledge! He flew off quite happily, don't worry!

My final piece of news is I did get onto the Historical Studies course at Winchester, but i've decided to take a bit of time to consider all sensible options for the rest of this year. But hooray! They liked me! :) AND the Museum of Farnham volunteering is going nicely! More news on that soon.



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