First snow of 2012

I was awake bright and early this morning (mostly because due to ANOTHER cold I couldn't sleep properly!) on the plus side, I got to see the snow before my barmy dog went out and kicked it up in excitement! The birds were out in force, but our little robin chases away any that dare come near his mealworms - grumpy little fellow! Meanwhile in the garden...

We then headed over Rowhills for our usual stroll with Mollie, was quite the winter wonderland but the squirrels kept sending snow all over our heads as they ran about in the tree tops, we got home absolutely soaked!!

Some brilliantly clear badger tracks (mixed with Mollies!) We saw someone over the woods with a torch about midnight last night, I wondered if the ranger was out putting jumpers on the badgers and foxes? I think it's a plausable explanation... :) The one on the far right looks like a bears paw doesn't it?? - we can dream!

Let's see how long it lasts for this time - as i have two driving lessons booked this week i'd quite like there to be none left by Wednesday please!!

Hope you're all enjoying your snow sunday!


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