Winter Woodland Wanderings!

I'm sad to say that my faithful Yashica T3 has given up the ghost this week! There may still be hope if we take it apart...but at least the last roll in it was a good one! These were from Mine and Bruce's and Thom's woodland walk after New Year, Thom was trying out his recently purchased (from Bruce) Mamiya! Its our usual Hargate Forest route in Tunbridge Wells, you can't beat it!

And then the snow came of course! So here's the last picture the poor little Yashica managed to take:

Lets hope it makes a full recovery! For now, the Olympus will come to the rescue! Hope you're having a good's just started snowing again!


Hannah Curson said...

Hi Katie :)
I just discovered your blog through Flickr (added you as a contact on there as well!) Your photographs are so, so beautiful.
Anyways, just thought I'd drop you a comment to say hello :)

Hannah x

Katie B said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks so much for your comment, i'm glad you like my blog&pictures, it's always good to know that my flickr does bring people over this way! Hope you're having a great week! Katie