First Easter Blog! Vintage Finds.

Today is the first in quite a few Easter - related posts I have planned for the holidays. My collection of photographs usually relate to "People In Gardens" but i like to branch off into springtime/easter themes too, as it's my favourite time of the year (probably because it usually falls around my Birthday!)

The first of these photo's was found on Ebay, I still smile every time i look at it! These two just seem so proud of their pets they wanted to present them on a nice fluffy rug...which hopefully ISN'T made out of past rabbits! But a great example of an obscure Easter picture eh?

The second charming photograph was discovered in a book shop in Tunbridge Wells, I'm not usually fussed about childrens portraits BUT this one really caught me unaware! His little handmade outfit, wonky socks and cheeky smile make him an excellent Easter-gram! The daisies and flowers are the perfect springtime setting! Well done that photographer!

Just thought these two would brighten up a Wednesday! Plenty more vintage treats to come!

Hope you're having a good week!


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