End Of March

I decided to swap back to my Olympus XA3, well after my trusty Yashica gave up the ghost (despite Bruce's best attempts at fixing it!) I needed a trusty replacement! It can be a bit annoying to change the focus each time, but you can mostly trust it to behave! Just a few springtime shots from mine&Bruce&Jocks weekends in Kent recently, lots of walking, lots of rocks, and lots of trees! Bliss!

Jock enjoying himself!

Harrisons Rocks, Tunbridge Wells

Broadwater Warren - RSPB site

First sighting of frog AND toad spawn this year!

Broadwater Warren's amazing trees, can anyone explain why?

Eridge Park 

 Eridge Parks highest point in Kent, hello Surrey!

Eridge Park was a particularly good place to explore, the fantastic tower was built just before the turn of the 20th century, despite it looking rather mythical and medieval! The woods themselves were full of Yew trees, a very gothic and striking landscape - we'll be heading back there soon!

Now, lets see what April has to come!


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