Lotta's Easter Suprise - Astrid Lindgren

Now, this post is slightly off-theme for Long May She Rain, I don't usually offer up vintage children's books on this blog, HOWEVER, this one is special.

As you might of guessed from my recent posts, i love Easter. It's springtime, the plants are growing, the birds are singing - whats not to like? But a particular highlight for my Easter's has been missing for about a decade. It became nothing but a distant memory, blurred around the edges, I even began to think I'd imagined its existence (as none of my family could remember it either!) A few weeks ago I found myself in the attic, and guess what?

Turns out my memory was actually by a very famous Swedish author Astrid Lindgren who's mostly known for her Pippi-Longstocking books. The beautiful illustrations are by Ilon Wikland, and its these nostalgic yet characterful images that spring into my mind when thinking of "Easter".

Granted, i have never experienced a Swedish Easter myself (I am planning to go for the first time in summer to visit my dear friend Thom Bridge, so only slightly late!! Hopefully next year!) I must also add; it's in Swedish tradition to dress girls as witches at Easter to mark the story of witches travelling to BlÄkulla- a legendary meadow - where the devil would hold court during the sabbath. So think of it as trick or treating for Easter eggs!

It's a very short story based around Lotta, a usually grumpy and strong minded little girl who, when discovering the towns only chocolate shop is closing down, rescues Easter for her family without the Easter Bunny's help, proving that she can be thoughtful and happy after all!

It's a simple story, but obviously very effective. My Nan brought this book for me when i was quite little, and despite the fact it was my favourite book and I loved it, it was also the only book i ever chewed?! The front cover is missing a little bit around the bottom corner, I thought a mouse in the attic had been nibbling it, but no, my Mum distinctly remembered me doing it! How odd...

I have decided to blog about this book in case anyone else out there is searching for it too, as I couldn't find anything related to it in my hunt before, so enjoy! 

Hope you enjoyed these wonderful illustrations, that's it for Easter until next year!


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