Happy National Gardening Week

A fine fellow I brought on Ebay this year - What a cabbage selection! And WHAT a beard!

Just a quick blog post as i am just about to head out the door to the Imperial War Museum to have a look around their new exhibitions! As this week is National Gardening Week i thought it a good time to share with you this fine gentleman! I've already posted some pictures from my patch so far this year, so instead, here is the Gardening-related reading material I'm currently enjoying!

Firstly, "Women Rule the Plot - The story of the 100 year fight to establish Women's place in farm and garden" by Peter King. This is the one i knew fine fellow blogger Landgirl1980 would enjoy, so i will be scanning sections from this one very soon!

Secondly (the one I'm about to take with me on the train!) "Virgins, Weeders and Queens - A history of Women in the Garden" by Twigs Way (possibly one of the best names I've ever heard!!) which looks absolutely fantastic, LOADS of unusual photographs and paintings I've never seen before, can't wait to get stuck in!

 And lastly, "The Once and Future Gardener: American Garden Writing from Magazines 1900 - 1940" by Virginia Tuttle Clayton (another great name!) Perhaps slightly off-topic for me because I do tend to stick to British history books BUT this had such beautiful lush illustrations taken from the magazines, i couldn't resist! I recommend to all who enjoy Art Deco illustrations, no matter what the topic!

Once I've finished these beauties they'll be on the blog again, so stay tuned! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Oh ok just one from our garden, the shed looks mighty inviting when the April showers kick in! :)

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