Three Ladies from Lymington - Vintage photographs

Hello! Just a quick post of some wonderful photographs i found whilst on holiday in Lymington. We payed a visit to the Grandma's Attic antiques fair where all my family walked away with something (including an 1850's silver cigarette case and an Art Nouveau ring) but my purchases were somewhat more frugal! I must admit there was a near altercation on the postcard stand because one woman was hogging the boxes for no less than 20 minutes! And considering they were a bargain price of 10p/30p each, she was faffing far too much with her choices. Years of browsing antiques fairs has given me an eagle eye for my collections, and i can't stand people faffing about - if you take that long deciding on an item, you don't really want it! Despitecompetetive males aged 50+ (all looking for military history items/stamps) bustling about at these stands, I can always find what I'm looking for (Portraits including gardens or flowers, backdrops depicting nature scenes, British domestic family life and Aldershot related history - phew!!)

Here are the three lovely ladies I brought home from Lymington!

The posing with inanimate objects trend is just so fantastic - and odd! Two great examples here, shame the last photographer chose to focus more on the chair than the figure!

Hope the weeks off to a good start!



LandGirl1980 said...

Oh wow! The first photo is stunning!! It always makes me wonder who they were, what their life was like etc..

And I agree with the faffers. They can faff off.

Katie B said...

The first one is utterly stunning! I love those darkroom effects, who needs photoshop eh??

I was slightly concerned i'd sound like some kind of antiques fair crazy lady...but as you say, FAFF OFF! (I have a horrible feeling she was going to cut up the photographs to make awful greetings cards...nooooooooooo!! At least i rescued these!)