My new plot!

One of my most special birthday presents last month was from my Dad, who built me a raised bed in the garden next to his plot which we enjoyed working on last year!  There's more than enough room to be getting on with - I was straight in with the notebook, sketching out what i want and where...I've been devouring gardening manuals ever since! I was quite speechless when he showed me - I'd been locked out of the garden for a few days prior, now i know why!

He also brought me some shiny new tools, the label read "These might come in handy someday..." - 'someday' came a lot quicker than i expected! This is my first planting effort, Shallots and Garlic went in first, natural pest controllers as well as tasty veg!

Together we put together a mini-greenhouse to get those seeds started, I have probably got far too protective of them already. I must admit to myself that some of these efforts will unfair! At least April showers will help everything along for now.

Yep, my lovely plant markers are those wooden coffee stirrers from Starbucks, re-use/recycle after all!

Mollie likes to help out too! (Pesky dog!)

I think I've got a lot to learn, but I'm very excited to get cracking! Lets see how this all goes!
Hope you're having a good week!



LandGirl1980 said...

Oh how EXCITING!!! I only have a small balcony - so I am very envious of your little plot! Can't wait to see it grow :)

Katie B said...

I couldn't believe he'd made it so quickly!! Its bloody sizable though, lots of room for mistakes! ;) I have definitely been bitten by the gardening bug! Horrah!