End of April, Soggy start to May!

Just a few shots from the end of April, this was my Easter display before I had to accept it was over for another year! As everyone in the UK is aware right now, it's pretty soggy out there, but at least when my room is looking good I don't mine sheltering in it! Neither does Mollie, who makes herself quite comfy before i have to leave for work, wish I could stay in the warm and watch Bargain Hunt all day too!

I did manage to find some sunshine, and a rather pleasant front garden! Cheery tulips were a very good shout, love the little hints of blue from the hyacinths too, might attempt something similar for next year.

Me&Bruce had a good weekend in Kent despite the floods! He managed to take a new fox photograph on the 10x8 which you can view on his website HERE (warning - contains roadkill!) His work in progress RCA show went very well, and his new project is shaping up beautifully!

We headed out for our usual walk in Hargate forest, only to find it mostly under water! Jock the dog wasn't so keen on swimming, so needed a bit of help, bless him!

Meanwhile back on the plot, anti-pest devices are GO! One of the highlights of working in a coffee shop is access to all the used coffee grounds I could ever want (ohhhh the excitement!) And the good news? Slugs and snails (hopefully) hate it, so it's gone on around all the seedlings - best of luck to them! A windmill and Mr Stargazing Hare are for the pigeons benefit, be gone you fiends!!

Dad's built a pretty impressive high jump to celebrate the Olympic Year! Looking forward to seeing that! (Honestly....it's for the runner beans benefit, but next-door's little girls find the idea of high jump much more exciting!)

And finally, I have a new little friend, a gorgeous Nasturtium from the Cranleigh Bank Holiday Fair, I never knew the leaves were edible, an added bonus! I also picked up some local Asparagus, I do love green for breakfast!

Hope you've had a good week, I know sun is on the horizon somewhere!


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Laura said...

I love the eggs!