Monthly Wish List - June

Well it's seemingly time again for this months Wish List, that came around very quickly! The flavour of this June, is of course, Jubilee and all things British, so forgive me one last dabble into royal memorabilia this year! First up, a 1953 silk coronation scarf, which caught my eye quite a while ago now, needless to say it went for some major ££'s so i had to give up! Compared to modern day souvenirs, I think this is in a different league! I know the V&A had some scarves to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, but i can't say I was very taken with them.

1953 Silk Coronation Scarf, £28 from Ebay

On a similar "Blighty" theme, how about this authentic 1940s Home front embroidery of the UK, with adorable details which depict what areas are most famous for!  For example, London has St Pauls (complete with a blimp balloon fly over), fishing in Cornwall, etc!

Sold For £80 on Ebay HERE

It was from a pattern given in "Woman" magazine entitled "The Land We Love", which thankfully means there must be quite a few of these around! This is a particularly clean and bright example though, i even love the colour of the frame, although personally I'd turn it into a wall mounted piece rather than a fire screen.

Now, on a different note, how about these two little chaps? Early 1900s photograph, adorable little wire haired terriers. I love pet portraits from this era, as they must have really loved these dogs to give them their own portrait session! And in this case, two is definitely better than one!

1900s Dog Portrait, Found on Ebay

If you are a fellow dog-person, you may appreciate this charming tankard! A sturdy drinking companion, mixed with a hilarious Poodle handle, I absolutely love it, and i think Bruce would be more than happy to enjoy his ale in this! Am i right?

Pewter Tankard with poodle handle

Now for something utterly useless, but utterly charming! (My favourite sort of find!) This Home Gardener Championship Medal caught my eye because of the fantastic engraving of the people, very similar to prints done by my favourite Clare Leighton! I have googled it, and found no clues to where this has sprung from, as these championships go on worldwide, however it looks decidedly British to me, if only the chap had a pipe too!

Another cheeky vintage picture which seemed appropriate, as despite it being June, we are decidedly lacking in seaside-friendly weather! Its entitled "Early RP Cleethorpes Bathers" from the inter-war years (1918-1939) however I would say its definitely at the earlier end of the dates, ladies wouldn't have troubled themselves with those long skirts on the beach for much longer! They all look dashing, and i really enjoy the boardwalk behind them with the people admiring the view!

Cleethorpes Bathers Picture found on Ebay, sold for £7.99 HERE

And keeping on the coastal theme (because i am literally counting down the days until my Dorset holiday!!) my final Wish List item is this 1950s Yacht pattern decanter set, in a unusual tawny glass colour! A nice description by the seller too "This comes from a time when an after dinner drink meant a nip of cognac or some exotic liqueur brought back from a foreign holiday. Still charming for the table and an excellent addition to a home cocktail bar" - and i quite agree! A thoughtful description gives an item even more likability in my books!

Lets keep our sights set firmly on the summer everyone! The coastal themed items were also influenced by by best friend moving to Brighton this week, I will miss her everyday but I am excited to have a new seaside town to visit regularly, and i know she will love it there! 

Hope you have a great weekend, as always, thanks for reading!


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LandGirl1980 said...

Ooooooh, that fire screen sure be pretty! I think I too would have put it on the wall :)