Long May She Reign

Elizabeth joins in the fun on board HMS Vanguard in 1947. George VI hoped that the tour would take her mind off Phillip but after four months apart, she had made up her mind.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953

 Diamond Jubilee Message 2012

Well, what a glorious weekend we have had in dear old 'Blighty! Our Diamond Queen celebrated 60 years on the throne, and what a tremendous achievement. A truly inspiring woman, thoughtful and hard working, i honestly can't understand those who fail to feel proud, both for her, and for the UK. Celebrating Queen Elizabeth has brought the country together this week, I haven't seen people this jolly in a long time! Hence why I chose the above image for this post, i think many forget what a vibrant character she really is. From the spectacular Thames Pageant which brought back a vision of Old London, to the classic flypast the Palace this afternoon. We wish The DOE a quick recovery, he was greatly missed. This weekend, we remembered how to be proud of who we are. Long May She Reign.

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