My Jubilee Efforts!

Due to roughly 80% of my belongings being books, I don't have much spare room for purely-decorative-silly-things, apart from the windowsill! So here is where I got the Jubilee spirit flowing...Too much? Never! The gorgeous "UK" tin on the left is an M&S addition, and of course I had to buy some Bridgewater! 

The gorgeous 'Lovely Jubilee' card is from Les Sacs Magique on Etsy, and Queenie and Corgi's were discovered on Ebay quite a while ago, I think I got a bargain here, hate to think what you'd pay for them this week - mind you, as with all handmade things, they would be worth it!

A beautiful WW1 "Hurrah for England" embroidered card, it's deserves to be fixed up, so that's on the 'to do' list!

A recent charity shop find that I reckon is an investment for the future! ;) A wonderfully quirky Hendricks Gin teacup, which happens to be my favourite tipple!

I decided against classic bunting (mostly because the space is too small!) So i just rounded up some vintage and repro postcards that seemed appropriate!

And finally, a very special find, an original photograph from the Coronation! I think this must have been at the end of a days excitement, the dad looks in need of a nap and some peace and quiet!

Oh, a new addition to this post, my jubilee baking effort! Gave up on a union jack design ontop, the strawberries were too wonky!

I bet plenty of you have been decking out the bunting, can't wait to see!
(Here's our front doors effort!)



LandGirl1980 said...

LOVE this! Don't ever let me near that WW1 card. I'll nab it *wink*

Laura said...

Gin in a teacup, genius! I want one x

Katie B said...

Thank you ladies! I'm lucky to just stumble across these items in charity shops, Surrey does provide some good finds every now and again!

I'm hoping the gin teacup is a future investment Laura, so i've only dared use it for its true purpose especially for the jubilee ;) x