"Jackie" the 1960s Cairn Terrier - Vintage photographs

June 1963, 8 Weeks Old

In 'Snoopers Paradise' in Brighton I chanced upon this set of photographs, obviously all torn out of the same family album, featuring an adorable Cairn Terrier, Jackie! I have a Cairn myself, so always am on the look out for more unusual memorabilia to celebrate this plucky little breed of dog!
As you will go on to see, the photo's are utterly charming, a very proud owner indeed! I also greatly appreciate annotations on photographs, gives me the briefest insight into their story, I'm thrilled we know this little dogs name at least. Regarding a previous discussion about favourite themes of photos to collect, vintage dog portraits are always popular, hope these don't disappoint!

December 65

December 65

December 65

Those last three images that project Jackie into colour, are particularly hilarious! The senarios of 'Dog on rug, dog in front room, dog on dresser" - i mean, the imagination needed! Quite amazing, and also quite surreal, 'domestic oddness' is another love of mine! It's great to see her all grown up! Jackie has the classic grumpy face of a judgemental Cairn, they don't put up with much silliness, trust me.

If seeing Jackie has made you think a Terrier could be for you, please visit Terrier Rescue, who have a great online forum to represent all the dogs who need homes, many foster homes across the south!

On the theme of cute canines, I had the pleasure of meeting a very lovely pup at the weekend, not a Cairn this time, but a beautiful (and rare!) Keeshond, Martha, who belongs to Bruce's Aunt&Uncle...just a tiny bit jealous!

Hope that post hasn't made anyone too "Puppy Broody" (as i call it, I'm a constant sufferer!), and hope you're having a good week!


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LandGirl1980 said...

I would love a puppy!!! I miss my old Japanese Akita on a daily basis. Alas - I am now living in a flat with 2 cats. I shall just have to brood over other peoples canines! (not the teeth variety - obvs)