"Land Girls" portraits by B.Salmond

  Portrait of a Land Girl 1946

On Ebay recently, I found these fantastic family portraits by an artist B.Salmond, who captured the women in their Land Girl uniforms. I must admit, the uniform itself is not necessarily the iconic green jumper and jodhpurs/dungarees featured in the War propaganda posters, but the utilitarian and tailored styles certainly refer to working women's styles of the time. I think the portraits themselves are charming, quite nostalgic - similar to children's albums of the time? Soft focus and big bright eyes!

 Portrait of a Land Girl 1949

Portrait of a Land Girl 1946

This earliest example of his work portrays "Two sisters before the War" and although I can imagine many finding it slightly unnerving (I think intensely staring children often has that effect on people!) I actually, think it's a great addition to the collection! I like the awkwardness, and the beautiful tones of the background hints at the 'green and pleasant' childhood these girls had before The War took over their lives (suddenly it becomes clear what I wrote my dissertation about eh?)

Portrait of Sisters before the War

They all were sold seperately, and none of them went for more than £12, which surprised me! I would only have brought the whole set, rather than just one. Hope these proved interesting for those other 1940's fans, I would love to know of any other similar examples you know of!

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