Monthly Wish List - September

It's that time again! September has certainly sped by, but I have enjoyed the colder mornings, a chance for proper cooking, and the return of knitwear, hooray! The wish list this month should be called "It Takes Two!" really, as there certainly is a recurring theme here...

Mum and I visited The Bourne Mill Antiques Centre last week, our first visit back in nearly a decade - no idea why it's been so long?! It certainly is as full of interesting and authentic vintage and antiques as ever (unlike other so called 'Antique Centres' in the area I could mention...but I'll be nice!)

The building is an adventure in itself (apparently there's even a few ghosts about!) you can very easily loose yourself in such a cave of treasures, i find attacking it with military precision the best approach for success. Here are my picks:

First up, a rather err, flamboyant(?) Lion and Unicorn which caught my eye, brilliant positioned with the ugly-but-nice Sadler vegetable pots, quite a contrast! The display cabinet also had a very pleasant Orla Kiely wallpaper background, it's the little things!

 Around the corner were these VERY happy Kitty's, which i am rather kicking myself over not buying, they remind me of how you would draw cats when you were younger - anyone else agree? I might have to run around and try to find them in the maze of rooms next week, and on reflection, those bird plates behind are also rather nice...(oh dear, it's escalating!)

 A terrible photograph (Iphone says no!) but you get the idea, a hilarious green lady teapot which I can't imagine with go with anything you already own...but would certainly be a talking point! She reminds me a little of the 'Bird Lady' in Mary Poppins, I do love those big chunky overcoats, such a perfect shape for a teapot!

 Here is where the "It Takes Two" theme continues, a very nice pair of Staffordshire TYPE dogs, they vary greatly, but I think these are nice (and cheaper) examples.

 And finally, an item that i DID buy this month, not from Bourne Antiques, but from Phyllis Tuckwell charity shop in Farnham, an adorable pair of owl bookends! Hard to say what age they are, there's no makers mark, they feel quite brittle, which tells me they could be from at least the 1940s, I think they are just perfect for my nature "pocket guide" books, I won't overload them with anything bigger!

And that was Septembers best pick! Hope you've had a good start to the Autumn, expect a more constant approach to blogging from now on, lets just say I will have slightly more time (and less coffee) on my hands so need to throw myself into my reading and writing! I also want to give the blog a bit of a re-vamp soon.

Thanks for reading!



Kate said...

Oh goodness, it's really strange reading your blog, there are so many places you write about that are so familiar to me because I live in the area as you!

I'm wondering if that green t-pot is of an old music hall pantomime dame? She looks just like her but for the life of me, I can't think of her name!

Magic Cochin said...

OH! I love the Owls!!! perfect for the Observer books.

Could the Tea Pot be Old Mother Riley?

Happy rummaging.

Katie B said...

Hi Kate! It's always nice to have a familiar blogger to read about isn't it? I've got some ideas about days out from your blog too :) I like the idea of her being a pantomime dame A LOT! She certainly has a cheerful enough face!

Celia, Old Mother Riley is a VERY good suggestion, actually, I bet that you're right, the costume would be suitable for a washer woman wouldn't it? I thought it was such a charming, quirky piece! I'm glad you like the owls, I just received your newsletter so i'm just about to take a look at your new print!

Thank you both for popping by!