Monthly Wish List - November

Considering the truly gloomy weather we've had this week, there's no better time for a wish list full of lovely things!

Starting with this absolutely beautiful painting by Dorothy Cooper - a close friend of one of my favourite artists, Edward Bawden. She trained as an art teacher in the 1930s, and also produced illustrations for publications such as Vogue. I think this watercolour is absolutely beautiful, and if only I could have afforded it, I never would have grown tired of looking at it! The shape and textures are just so delicate, all my favourite plants to use in arrangements too! I really must do some research on Dorothy's work, this particular painting sold for £225 on Ebay HERE

Another one of her works (from the same seller) this time a 1950s print 'The Garden Urn' sold for £304 - linocuts are certainly popular at the moment! The colours are subtle, and I love the floral detail on the urn, I really have to try this technique out for myself!

The next find is so special, it breaks my heart that I couldn't afford it! I adore sunflowers as they have a very special personal meaning to me, so needless to say, this SHOULD have been mine. There's nothing more said about it than it's an original Arts and Crafts example of stained glass, but to be honest that's all I need to know to fall in love. It's just so happy and vibrant, how could you not smile when you see it? One day, I will commission my own sunflower stained glass panel. It shall be mine.

Continuing the botanical theme, how about something for your indoor flower friends? This 1950s studio pottery 'Cactus Can' is certainly an oddity! It was made in Germany, and I can't say I've ever seen one before. It's incorporates all the best things about Mid Century design - simple clean lines, elegant shape, yet still that little bit futuristic! I don't even like cactus, but I would get a dozen if it meant I could use this often!

I enjoyed a brilliant trip to Brighton to see my best friend Claire, and we certainly hit the shops hard! I adore wandering through the flea markets and antique centres, there's still bargains to find despite everything being so damn trendy! In one particular flea market I found this brilliant condition Victorian scrap-covered screen. I have collected a few Victorian scraps myself, I just love how strange and surreal they can sometimes be! I am never a fan of cutesy cherubs or babies BUT just look at the little birds around the centre of the screen! They are the stars here, the Jay is my favourite.

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time I stopped shopping for myself and turned my efforts elsewhere! As I did last year, all my presents will be either handmade or vintage - it's much more enjoyable that way.

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LandGirl1980 said...

OH MY! That glass panel!!! AHHHHMAZING!!!

LandGirl1980 said...

Me again - just a thought - but a friend of mine does stained glass commissions - she is a sponsor on my page as Bex By Design. She is fabulous and very well priced. Just a thought :D Those sunflowers may be more than you 1st thought :D

Katie B said...

Ahh thanks for thinking of me there Charly! I found your friend, and you're right her commissions are lovely! I would be so happy to have my own, better start saving those pennies!

Magic Cochin said...

I'm not sure that I could have resisted the first Dorothy Cooper painting. When I first saw it, I thought it might be an Angie Lewin.
I wonder what other treasures I've missed on eBay!
Someone I know recently successfully bid for a Sheila Robinson cardboard-cut ... of their own house!

Katie B said...

Hi Celia! I couldn't really resist it either, but since I quit the day job, I've had to harness my spending...weep!

The Shelia Robinson cardboard cut sounds FANTASTIC! Imagine stumbling across that?!
I must admit, it takes time to find the Ebay gems, and this time of year - forget it! Whatever bits and peices are in the December Homes&Antiques and Country Living boost sale prices to ridiculous, just wait a month and everyones calmed down again!

And don't get me started on 'Kirsty's Vintage Home' and all thats contributing to the cause. I'm such a grump!

Thanks for commenting!