A dog by my side - Vintage photographs

In my collection of vintage photographs I have some key themes including 'In the garden', 'Our family at home', and a range of soldier domestic portraits. However, I've realised I've also gained another - "A dog by my side". I have always loved dogs, when I was younger I'd pick up any dog ornaments at charity shops/boot fairs, although I have had to downsized that particular collection (it's for the best!)

I hope you enjoy these most recent finds (all from Ebay), the first two are definitely new favourites of mine! Contrasting the women to the stocky old-breed bulldogs is very interesting. Particularly considering how we view bulldog/staffordshire type breeds today, and what the usual stereotypes follow certain owners of these breeds are. The captions are also quite a contrast to modern day expectation: "Types of English Beauty" and "That island of England breeds very valiant creatures"- quite different to the popular modern "British Bulldog" iconography, don't you think? Physically, you can see how more recent breeding has effected the Bulldog, their faces and bodies are less squashed and stocky in these examples.

This last photograph is just so gentle and beautifully lit, I think she was a famed glamour girl of the times? Irish Wolfhounds are one of my favourite breeds, they are always so graceful despite their size.

I have plenty more where these came from, never fear!

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