November update - Bonfires, bikes and bloomin' nice trees!

Well I think we've been lucky with November this year (so far!) as bonfire night wasn't a washout we managed to burn the tree stumps that were previously under my new greenhouse! It arrived a few weeks ago, and I have really enjoyed sorting it out ready for springtime! I've even got a reading corner set up so I think i'll be in there for quite a few rainy afternoons with a thermos of tea, lovely!

I've had to say goodbye to my childhood play house this week, luckily it hasn't gone too far, only over the fence where our neighbours children will hopefully spend many happy hours in there! An equally lovely but more grown up structure will be there after christmas...more info about that coming soon...i'm very excited!

I was given this lovely old Raleigh bike by my neighbour, it's rusted to an inch of it's life BUT after some restoration by my Grandad, we're turning it into some original Gardenalia (yep, a real word, buy the book HERE) - just imagine some flowers growing in the basket and maybe some ivy creeping up the frame!

And of course weekends wouldn't be the same without a crisp woodland walk! The colours are still stunning out there. All the pictures in this post are taken on my new Iphone 5, I'm very pleased to have a better camera available apart from my Olympus XA2.

I hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday yourselves, thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

your greenhouse looks amazing inside! Have you got any photos of the outside? I love the fact you have a reading corner!!! :)

Katie Bedlow said...

Ahhh thanks for commenting! I love your blog! :)

WELL the thing is with the greenhouse, it's currently sitting in the middle of a bit of a building-zone! I'm currently tackling that area, BUT, i'll get a picture up in my next gardening post so we can see it transform! I'm hoping 2013 will be a productive one in the garden!


Sneaky Magpie said...

Lovely greenhouse and so organised. I must get some of the shelves for mine. Unfortunately I couldn't have a glass one because of my toddler but it looks so much nicer. And I have the same bike project for this spring.

Katie Bedlow said...

Thank you! I must admit, as practicality took over, it's not QUITE as neat now, but the reading corner is still intact, I will be getting in there asap to start planning spring - i better take a hot water bottle or two!
I did invest in shatter-proof glass (i am VERY clumsy) but I couldn't afford to go the whole hog for 'horticulture' glass or whatever it's called, I really wanted one in a victorian style, mostly because i'm tall so need a good high ceiling!

I am VERY excited for the bike project, we'll have to compare notes! :)