January (Here Comes The Snow!)

"time is life you know

all its footsteps to and fro
- in January snow

Peter S. Quinn

January arrived with quite a mellow, lazy air this year. Garden wise, it marks the point where things can only get better, with the ground not even frozen it seemed Spring was only around the corner....until the snow hit of course! We should expect it this time of year, but as all UK dwellers know, we're never prepared and instead burrow ourselves inside to watch 24/7 weather and news forecasts (well, after a brisk turn with our brand new snow shovels!)

Earlier in the month, I enjoyed some indoor blooms (paperwhites from ebay) and had a long-overdue reunion with Mr Bridge, who we introduced to the joys of Tunbridge Wells (my weekend haunt!). They have a great little museum there, with plenty of taxidermy - always a good feature for us! The little dog is a famed attraction, a very regal little chap!

Mollie no longer has the puppy-like enthusiasm for the snow. She used to burrow her way through like a snowplough, trying to eat as much as possible! Now she tiptoes about giving me a pleading look to get back indoors pronto, bless.

I'm also very much enjoying sitting at my desk with a sketchbook again, it's been a few years! I am gathering my ideas together for my stained glass course, I'm hoping to push my own creative skills as I really fancy a challenge!

Wishing you a great week!


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