Monthly Wish List - January

The first item on the Wish List this month is a local speciality! This gorgeous Owl jug is related to several examples of Farnham Pottery we have in The Museum of Farnham, except this one is in a special blue colour instead of the classic Greenware or Brown examples. Farnham has a strong Arts and Crafts history, and the Farnham School of Arts blossomed out of this movement. It has transformed through the years, and is now the UCA, which is where I studied for my BA!
This particular jug was made c1900, but the owls were eventually sold in Liberty's and Heals until the 1950s, and proves very popular with modern collectors, this one sold for over £200! 

Owls have been all over the high street recently, but without sounding bitter, I've always loved them...

Thanks Ryan, I appreciate it!

RIGHT, onward we go! The next find was actually inspired by a facinating article in this months Homes And Antiques about a wonderful collection of artist palettes, which opened my eyes to the possibility! Why collect palettes? The daubs of paint depict the artists method, their intentions, and the narrative you then start to unravel in your own imagination. How and where the colours have been placed is also significant, "The whole value of what you are about" wrote John Ruskin in his Elements of Drawing, first published in 1857 "depends on colour. If the colour is wrong, everything is wrong: just as, if you are singing, and sing false notes, it does not matter how true your words are.". 
You could of course delve into colour theory and references to artist self portraits depicting them 'palette in hand', but you can also simplify it into "They're nice to look at!" They are apparently quite a rarity to find, so the challenge is on.

As I started a stained glass course this week, I had to ensure I featured an inspirational example in this wish list! This brilliant window from Ebay is from a Butchers shop in 1915 and was given to the sellers Grandfather when they replaced the windows, what a great present!

I'm hoping to learn glass painting techniques in next weeks lesson, I would love to create any panel as lovely as this one! The ram has such sad eyes though...then again it was in a butchers shop!

Keeping on the animal theme, this next example has been on my Ebay Watch List for over a year. I've always adored this Victorian taxidermy rabbit and Goldfinch, it's all the best parts of the Victorian love of the whimsy and the cute! This is the Beatrix Potter of the taxidermy world. I think the rabbit itself is actually quite unusual, the colouring is lovely and it has a very elegant face. Plus, it has a little goldfinch keeping it company, which is a tad odd, but endearing too! 

I know taxidermy isn't for everyone, and I know people can be sensitive about rabbits (as they are often childhood-friends!) but I would love to give them both a home.

Finally, I've decided to keep on theme for the last item in January! I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter, and wish more people knew about her botanical studies and naturalist collections rather than JUST her animal stories, even though they are the most magical stories imaginable! I have always loved animals, but was disappointed to never see them wearing waistcoats or scarves like they do in her stories!

This is quite a rare find, a First Edition of the tale which was soon reprinted into the smaller more recognisable style. It's not considered one of her best stories, but introduces us to the world of Peter Rabbit. I love this style of book, the hardcover and the concertina pages would make it a joy to read. This particular example is selling for £550, so I think I'm just going to have to keep an eye out!
January is always a frugal month, so I especially enjoyed putting that post together! 

Thanks for reading!

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