We Are Resolute

January is such an odd time. Christmas feels like eons ago, the dark mornings leave us in a slump, and we're not all exactly dying to go out into the cold to get moving! In my last post I mentioned my own plans for 2013, but inspired by The National Media Museum's 'We Are Resolute' collection on Pinterest, I thought one more self-inspiration post couldn't hurt!

 1. Get Moving! (Women climbing a hill, c.1920, Unknown, National Media Museum)

2. Take Better Photographs (Two women war photographers with Graflex cameras, 1945, 
Jack Esten, National Media Museum)

3. Buy Less Food&Drink From Chains (Beatnik coffee bar, 1960, David Salt, 
National Media Museum)

4. Travel (Elderly country couple sit in car during London trip, 1937, Sayers, National Media Museum)

5. Socialise, don't rely on technology! (Woman demonstrating products at a Tupperware party, 1963, 
Unknown, National Media Museum)

I could go on! Hop over to their blog to see plenty more inspiration! If you haven't visited my Pinterest before, why not have a browse, It's quite a mixed bag of things! CLICK

Hope you are having a good January so far, we finally got the snow we've all been moaning about for a week then? Shocker!


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